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About The Levee Bourbon Lounge

The lounge’s speakeasy feel is completed with the various bourbon decorations covering the walls that remind us of Kentucky’s bourbon heritage. One wall is filled with bourbon barrel heads, some rustic and some finished, the bar shelving has been expanded to include the majority of their extensive 277 bourbon bottle collection and the warm colors of the room make you feel like you’ve transported to a different place. Along with the 277 bourbon bottle collection, we have added 24 bourbon flights and new bourbon cocktails to our menu 

“We wanted to create an experience for our guests. You have the lounge side where you can sit, have a cocktail and relax on the newly upholstered couches, banquets, leather chairs and bourbon tables. The other half you can actually sit down and have a meal from River House’s menu.”

Chef John Varanese, owner of River House, Savor, Levee Bourbon Lounge and Varanese